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Sicily not only is a beautiful and dreamy spot of the world to visit but, if you are a food lover it is also a wonderful place from which to take some cooking inspiration. Sicily has been a crossroad of cultures since antiquity. Its foods confirm the influence of Arabia, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe. It is sometimes nicknamed God’s Kitchen because of abundance of grapes, grains fresh vegetables, fruits and legumes. This perpetual supply of fresh fruits and vegetables combined with every freshly caught fish from the teeming waters of surrounding coastlines and excellent extra virgin olive oil form the basis of Sicilian cooking and makes it one of the world’s healthiest cuisine. Although commonly associated with sea food cuisine along the coast, meat dishes including goose, lamb, goat and turkey are also found in Sicily especially if you move further inland. It was the Normans who first introduced a fondness for meat dishes to the island while spices used were introduced by the Arabs such as the art of making confections, combining nuts and fruits with sugar and honey.

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