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Sicily is an island full of strong contrasts and beautiful contradictions. This land is unusually rich in history and culture, fascinating cities of art, amazing natural wonders. Populations who were completely different from one to another have left through the centuries permanent traces of themselves in the island’s culture. A lot of which are now included in the UNESCO world culture heritage list.
Easy Sicily staff has been travelling to Sicily crossing far and near this wonderful island over the years. Sicily has got an extraordinary walking areas which are still undiscovered: mule tracks and age-old pathways have survived and reserve a wealth of surprises. Our expert guides will share with you their passion and let you discover the natural environment, remote and isolated places, strong local traditions and activities usually neglected. Landscapes are grandiose: exploring this breathtaking land on foot is a journey trought time. Sicily climate with its temperate winters and hot dry summers, make walking holidays feasible all the year round.

Trekking is an alternative way to enjoy Sicily’s natural environment, going at your own pace. With its huge variety of mountains, impressive volcanoes, amazing valleys, mysterious and unknown islands, and a coastline of breathtaking beauty, Sicily is a trekker’s paradise and has a lot of chances in respect of your journeys on foot. It is possible to choose between beautiful and very easy routes, which are suitable even for beginners, or long and intensive trials where even step-confident and experienced hikers, will can surely meet their challenges.

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