Active Holidays & Tailor-Made Travel Arrangements in Sicily

“No other land like Sicily will engage your senses so completely. Spectacular inspiring landscapes much loved and sought-after by sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and those who be fascinated by the thousand aspects of Sicily with its remarkable art treasures”


March 2018 Top Deals

About us

“Easy Sicily” is a Destination Management Company (DMC),  specializing in active holidays and incentive journeys. We are a well-established company founded in 2001; since then, we have strongly wanted for working with us, people highly trained in their field, no as employees but just as leaders in their specific competencies.

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Sustainable Tourism Policy

Tourism can be a very destructive force. The negative impacts of tourism development can gradually destroy the environmental resources on which it depends. Active Tourism requires active physical and mental involvement of the tourist, including more adventure and action than traditional Ecotourism or Cultural Tourism.

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Tailor-made Routes

If you are not interested in a group trips and want to travel on your own, with one other person, or with your own group,  Easy Sicily offers distinctive and inspiring custom trip planning. You can customize these  trips, of particular places of your choice,  choosing to explore Sicily on your own pace.

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